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The Board:

President :                 Al Floyd

Vice President :        Jade McBride

Treasurer:                 Vince Corsi

Seargent at Arms:   Martin Guzman

Director of Media:  Jade McBride

Trustees:                   Eve Briarhart

                                    Sierra Davis


Editor:                       Elyse Boyajian

The Stewards:

Olympia Main:      Kenny Abbott

Olympia Main Alt:Martin Guzman   

Olympia Annex:    Jade McBride

Olympia Annex:    Elyse Boyajian

Olympia Annex Alt: Al Floyd

Lacey:                      Vince Corsi


Meetings held on the first Wednesday of every month. 

Meetings held at:

906 Columbia st SW suite 206

Olympia WA, 98501

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