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Common Violations

Listed below are common violations of our National Agreement.

If you believe one of these things happened to you, be sure to talk with your steward ASAP to make sure your potential grievance dispute is timely.

Violations Related to Hours, Wages and Working Conditions

Different Rules apply to different carrier classification types. When you become a career carrier, you will gain additional contractual protections.

12 and 60 hour 

CCA's, PTF's and Regulars all have a "12" hour work limitation. If you work past 12 hours in a day, it is a violation of our National Agreement. For non ODL carriers, this work limitation includes your 30 minute lunch, and therefore you should not work more than 11.5 hours in a day. If management requires you to do so, it is a violation.

Regular carriers have a 60 hour limitation as well. If it is Thursday or Friday and you have reached your 60th hour of work, the proper procedure would be to send you home and pay you any contractual guarantees owed. If management requires you to work past 60 hours, speak with your Steward.

City on Rural

City carriers are not to deliver rural mail. If you do any rural work, inform your Steward. If you get lent to another station and they have you deliver on rural, let your steward know ASAP.

OPT Violation

When a carrier goes on Leave for 5 days or more, that carriers route will go up for "opt", The carrier who wins the opt will assume the schedule and hours of that position until the return of the regular carrier. If management removes you from your opt prior to the return of the regular carrier, inform your Steward.

Mandated overtime

Full time regular carriers on the 8 hour work list should not carry off their assignment unless they are doing so in order to fill their 8 hour day or if management has utilized the ODL to their fullest extent.

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