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Who is the NALC?

Founded in 1889, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) is the exclusive bargaining agent for the City Letter Carrier. For 135 years the NALC has fought for better hours, wages and working conditions for its members.  

What is a Steward?

A  Steward is someone who has taken the time to further educate themselves on the contract and have decided to be a leader in their local NALC Branch.

A steward handles labor disputes with management and ensures contract compliance through the grievance process.


What do I do if my rights are being violated?

If you believe your contractual rights have been violated and you would like your Steward to investigate and potentially file a grievance, you should inform management that you wish to speak to a Steward. Management must give you time to speak with your steward within a reasonable amount of time. When you speak with your Steward, they will tell you where grievance slips are typically turned in and be able to answer any potential questions about your situation.

If you ever receive discipline from management, you need to get a copy of your discipline to a steward ASAP. Grievances must be filed within 14 days of occurrence, and it is vital that they get notification of a potential grievance as soon as possible.

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